Bespoke Helicopter Travel Solutions

Helicopter Charters

Take a helicopter to go direct to your destination, with our large fleet of helicopters available

Private & Business Helicopter Flights

Our helicopters are available as an independent flight or to take you from the airport direct to your ultimate destination. We can cater for small or large groups, around UK and Europe as you require. With the added advantage of working with the same team whether helicopter or aeroplane, our offering is unique and ensures you receive the best service.

Helicopter Types

Whether you need a small helicopter for just yourself and a colleague, or a large more versatile helicopter for a group, our access to a large helicopter fleet means we can find a solution which best suits you.

Convenience & SpeedGo DirectShort Overview

Helicopters are the best way to get closest to your destination. Looking for a charter operator who can offer you the best of aeroplanes and helicopters? Look no further.

Our access to a fleet of over 40 helicopters is unique, and coupled with access to 6 exclusive aircraft facilities across the UK, and headquartered at our own London airport, you are beginning to see how we can combine bespoke aviation services better than the rest.

Helicopter charter can add another dimension to air travel, taking you direct to your garden, hotel, sports event or business premises. With Escape Time, you can get out of our aeroplane at the airport and into one of our helicopters, because we arrange all services under one roof. 

Our charter sales team will also be able to give you options for both aircraft types, so you can see the differences between the two travel options and decide which is most appropriate for your journey.

Comfort & Size

Our helicopter fleet contains helicopters with 4 – 7 seats, single and multi engine, making sure you have a choice for every occasion. Whether you need a single helicopter or a group booking of multiple helicopters on the same day, or choice and range will exceed your expectations.

Why not combine a helicopter flight with a tour, and make the most of your time in the air? Complete our online charter quotation form and we will respond quickly with a diverse variety of options for you to consider, at prices lower than you would expect.

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