Piper M600 SLS

DOM 2020
Passenger Seats 5
Speed 315 mph
Range 1906 miles
Height 11.3 ft
Length 29.7 ft

Comfort & SpeedA Continental CruiserShort Overview

Taking to the skies at 28,000 feet in the M600 SLS is a pleasure which many can now experience, thanks to EscapeTime and its exclusive luxury travel solutions.

The smooth and luxurious M600 SLS is your perfect private or business flight solution. With effortless performance, state of the art safety systems, plush interiors and access to more airfields around Europe than other equivalent operations, this aircraft takes you where you want to go, fast.

We can take you to airports much closer to your destination than the larger commercial airports, at times which are more convenient to you, at short notice.

M600 Luxury Turboprop Charter Window Upholstry ET

Luxury & Style

EscapeTime provides a luxury, flexible air travel service like no other. Our aircraft are equipped with bespoke stylish leather interiors, luxury finishes and ample space for up to 5 passengers.

You are welcome to book in a visit to our headquarters near London and view the aircraft yourself, or book a trial flight to experience the service yourself.

Smooth Flight, Turbocharged

Our flights fly at up to 28,000 feet, allowing you to reach your destination in blue sky comfort, at speeds of over 300mph. No waiting at airports for hours on end, at each end. Arrive and go, cutting hours and hours out of door to door travel times. Above the clouds you will discover the beauty of smooth and comfortable flight, and with Escape Time we will take care of you to ensure your flights are as seemless and efficient as we possible with our Platinum benefits plan.

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